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Bonus: Clued in Book Club episode 1

Brook and Sarah kick off the Clued in Book Club with a short introduction to their first pick: Holmes, Marple & Poe by James Patterson and Brian Sitts. Find out why they picked the book and why they think the title is different in Canada and the US. Future episodes will be available to members of the Clued in Cartel, the Clued in Mystery paid subscription.

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Holmes, Marple & Poe (2024) James Patterson and Brian Sitts

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SarahUm, welcome to a Clued In bonus episode. I’m Sarah.
BrookAnd I’m Brook and we both love mystery.
SarahHi Brook.
BrookHi Sarah.
SarahAre you ready to start our book club?
BrookI am. This is so much fun. This is something that we’ve talked about doing for a long time and it’s going to be great.
SarahAnd so this is something that we will be offering to the Cartel. So that’s our paid subscription and to join the subscription. It’s we’ve made it accessible. So essentially you pay what you can afford to join. We want everybody to be part of our mystery community.
BrookYeah, so Sarah this first book that we’re going to do as the book club. What’s the book that we’re going to be reading entitled for you, Sarah?
SarahOkay, well this is a really good question, Brook. The book that I’m reading is called Holmes, Margaret and Poe what about you.
BrookFunny enough the same book that I’ll be reading as you is entitled Holmes Marple and Poe isn’t that interesting?
SarahIt certainly is. So the book regardless of what it’s titled in Canada and in the Us is written by James Patterson and Brian Sitts. And, yeah I don’t I am assuming that the difference in title is because of something with the publisher’s rights I’m I’m not entirely sure. Ah, but and I don’t think it’s something that I would have picked up on except that we were having this conversation.
BrookExactly yeah, it appears with our very top-level research that we did that the UK version um, which probably then is carried over into Canada from what we can see has the name Margaret instead of marble and the only thing we can deduce from that is there’s probably some sort of rights issue. But regardless, it’s the same book and um and that’s what we’ve chosen for this first book. That’s what we’ve chosen for this first book club book.
SarahAnd the reason that we quote the reason that we chose it I think is because the premise is that there are 3 PIs, one named Brendan Holmes, one named Margaret Marple, and the other named Auguste Poe
SarahAnd mystery fans will recognize those names as belonging either to mystery authors or the sleuths that they created or part of their names. I guess it’s not their full names.
BrookYeah, exactly, it’s a hook isn’t it to anyone who loves mystery and you actually identified this book, Sarah you’re great at finding out some of this mystery news and you sent it to me and said “this seems like fun” and and I was in. What are your thoughts on like the cover and kind of the package of it?
SarahSo it the cover I think the cover’s virtually the same regardless of which version you have. It’s just then um, that name Margaret or Marple is different and so the cover is a silhouette of ah a male. Um, what is the silhouette of a male looking over his shoulder and you can see two other silhouettes kind of in his body I guess. And a bridge, which I assume is you know some urban area so it’s I think a contemporary book. It’s not set in the past. But I think we’ll get to see some versions of each of those sleuths ah in these characters.
BrookYeah I think that I like the cover because it’s giving me a hint as you say that it’s set in contemporary times because my first thought when you mentioned it and I went to look for it I thought, “Oh is this historical?” you know but we get a clue there from the cover that no in fact, it’s going to be set I’m assuming in ah contemporary times. Which really begs the question, how are they going to use these characters in you know a modern day story?
SarahYeah I think it’ll I think it’ll be interesting. So like I said the names obviously their surnames um Holmes and Marple are names of very famous sleuths and Poe obviously was an author and and we talked about him in one of our first episodes and his sleuth was Auguste Dupin. So I think that’s where the name of that character comes from. But yeah, I guess we’ll figure out kind of how they met and how they work together. So that’ll be interesting. I haven’t read a lot of James Patterson novels so I think it will be I’m not really sure what to expect.
BrookWell, and I’m going to be honest I have a little reservation because I’m worried maybe that’s maybe worry is taking it too far reluctant that this will be one of those kind of gimmicks that we’ve talked about before where an author will drop a name of a like a famous author or you know storyline promise and then it doesn’t live up to it. So, I’m really hoping that that isn’t the case here but we’ll see right.
SarahAbsolutely. So, I guess the only thing left to do is to start reading. And the way that we’re going to do this, in terms of a book club, is we will record after we read I think. Is there like 120 chapters in this book. So I I assume they’re quite short chapters. And we’ll read about a 30 at a time and then come back and discuss what we’ve read.
BrookRight. So if you’re a member of the cartel you will definitely be getting updates of what our reading will be each week and the layout of the episode so that you can follow along. And there’s still time to join us. If you’d like to please visitludenmistery.com click on the cartel and you’ll get to see all the information about how you can join.
SarahI’m so looking forward to this book.
BrookI am too. Thanks, listeners. We hope to see you in the cartel but for today thanks for listening to Clued in Mystery. I’m Brook.
SarahAnd I’m Sarah and we both love mystery.