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Clued in Cartel

Join the Clued in Cartel, where you can be part of the mystery. Members of the Cartel receive the Clued in Chronicle (newsletter) as well as:

  • Bonus podcast episodes and outtakes.
  • Book Club (meet virtually each quarter to discuss a mystery together).
  • Serialized mystery and opportunities to give us input as we write a book together (virtual meetings, surveys, chats, etc). You’ll also have your name in that book’s acknowledgements and receive an electronic copy when it’s done.
  • Copies of new ebooks Sarah and Brook release from their existing series.

We want to build a mystery community and have set up discount tiers so you can choose how much you pay to be part of the Cartel, with each tier receiving the same benefits. The base price is $120 US dollars annually. When you click a link below you should see the price in your local currency. Your support helps us continue to create our free podcast. We hope to see you there!